My Diet

I often get asked about my diet. When you know so much about the food around you and how it’s produced, it’s hard not to change your diet. I have a very strict diet. However, I do not expect everyone to be able to eat like I do. This is just what I found works for me. I encourage everyone to put a little more effort into finding out about your food and where it comes from and then decide what works for you.

I am a vegan, which means that I do not eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy. I also do not eat gluten, soy products, processed sugar and corn and only eat organic food. Some of these items do not agree with me (for instance, I am allergic to the protein in dairy) and some of these items I avoid because they are genetically modified and heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.

There’s not a lot left for me to eat, right? Wrong! I actually eat very well. One of the downsides to eating like this is that it is very hard to eat out. However, I have rediscovered the joy of cooking. I really enjoying discovering and trying out new recipes and cooking techniques. Most recipes can be modified to be gluten-free (by using gluten-free flours like coconut flour, chickpea flour or almond flour) or vegan (by using coconut milk or almond milk) or processed sugar-free (by using maple syrup, coconut sugar or stevia). There are so many wonderful substitutes out there. I’ve made a gluten-free, vegan mac and cheese that has been enjoyed by many of my carnivore friends.

Some of my favourite cooking blogs include:

It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to change the way you eat. You just need to make small changes and be open to experimentation.

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